Woodgrain 2000

Made In Canada

While you may be drawn to Woodgrain 2000 for its classic good looks, you’ll also appreciate its durability and strength. Beginning with a strong aluminum core, each heavy-duty panel is coated with a specially formulated LoMar polyester finish to create a resilient exterior. Woodgrain 2000 will maintain its beautiful appearance season after season, despite exposure to harsh weather elements such as heat, cold, rain and snow.

Product Features

Proven Performance
Woodgrain 2000 aluminum siding is performance-engineered to shield your home from outdoor elements, such as harsh winds and water, and other destructive weather. Unlike wood, compressed particle board or fiber cement, Woodgrain 2000 aluminum siding won’t absorb moisture.

Added Dimension
The extra-deep 1/2″ butt height of Woodgrain 2000 aluminum siding adds greater dimension and style with dramatic shadow lines.

Superior Finished Look
While fiber cement and compressed particle boards typically require caulked joints, Woodgrain 2000 aluminum siding’s “seams” are crisp and clean.

Outstanding Protection

Simple Upkeep
Woodgrain 2000 aluminum siding requires minimal maintenance. Unlike fiber cement that may require periodic recaulking and repainting, or wood siding that typically needs repainting every five to seven years, Woodgrain 2000 demands not much more than an occasional rinse with a garden hose – perfect for today’s lifestyle.

Investing in your Home
Like many people, your home may be your single most important investment. Woodgrain 2000 aluminum siding not only will create an attractive, worry-free exterior, but will enhance the curb appeal of your home. And in today’s resale market, a beautiful, low-maintenance finish can be a valuable amenity.

Warranty Protection
Our aluminum siding carries a 40 year limited, transferrable warranty. Please see printed warranty for complete details.

Colour Collection

Colours will vary based on user’s screen settings. We recommend that you make final colour selections using actual product samples.

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