Garden Style Doors / Double Doors

double doors

Beauty & Style For Years To Come

All of these doors provide a large glass area and the classic look of an entrance way door, combined with a complete full screen and built-in track. Let the fresh air in on warm, breezy days.

garden patio door blinds

A-13B Raise Lower Blinds

garden patio door

A14 Internal Grills

patio doors

A-14 Iron Postiano

glass doors

A-14 Prarie Grills

pool door

A-159 Prarie

glass garden patio door

A13B Sandblast

garden patio door

A33 Brass Beveled

Swinging Patio Door Options

Standard Garden Door Build

One door is fixed and the other opens inwards as viewed from the exterior. The door that opens is hinged at the centre. For ordering purposes, customers need to specify their preferences for the 1. Left or 2. Right opening door as seen in the sketches below.

Other Options Available

A) One door is fixed, with 3. Left or 4. Right door opening, hinged on the side as seen in the sketches below.

B) Both doors hinged on the sides with one door, 5. Left or 6. Right, designated as the commonly opened door as in the sketches above.

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